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Welcome to Sycamore

Mulch Fire Prevention

One of Homeowners recently experienced a mulch fire that caused minor damage to the exterior of the home.


Thousands of mulch fires are reported annually in every state.  Mulch fires occur year-round but primarily in the summer when there is little rainfall. As a result, vegetation and landscaping materials become dried out, allowing for easy ignition. Often, this burning mulch is up against the side of a residentice where it can go unnoticed. This burning/smoldering mulch may eventually ignite the underneath of the siding and then spread into the structural components of the building and cause extensive damage.




In order to reduce the potential for a fire in landscaping mulch, follow these guidelines:

  • Be aware of the danger
  • Recognize when it gets hot and has been dry for an extended time, which enables these fires to start more readily.
  • If you smoke, PLEASE do not discard your smoking material and matches in the mulch.
  • If you see anything smoking in a landscaped bed, put it out if you can and report it to 9-1-1. If the burning material is not thoroughly wet or removed, it may re-ignite.
  • Provide a minimum of an 18-inch clearance between landscaping mulch beds and combustible building materials. Ensure proper clearance to electric devices, such as decorative lights, by following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Keep landscaping mulch beds moist if possible.

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